Why Blog?

Do any of us really need another thing added to our plate? Balancing all of our life activities is a challenge for most of us. Actually, I did start a blog 2 years ago. My school purchased the explorer edition of Google Glass and I had the wonderful idea to start a blog called “Glass in my Class” and blog every day of the school year. I liked the name, so I even dropped twelve bucks for a domain. I posted a few times, but…um…well, you probably get the idea. I simply ran out of things to write about it because Google Glass turned out to be (at least in my humble opinion) very limited in its usefulness to me as an educator.


Image Credit: Demetri Martin

So here I am–blogging. Quite honestly, I have chosen to start this blog for selfish reasons. I know that the accountability factor in maintaining this blog will push me to read, research, and reflect. Blogging is another form of teaching, and of course when we teach, we learn SO. MUCH. MORE.

I am taking advantage of this post-conference energy, having just returned from an AMAZING two-day learning event, Miami Device 2015. (If you have the opportunity–please take advantage! You will not regret it. The next Miami Device event is scheduled for November 9-10, 2017.)

This isn’t a blog about the latest new gadget (although I may post about some of those). Some of my posts will be EdTech related apps; others will be more theoretical or reflective in nature. I will aim to have ALL posts grounded in sound pedagogy. My first post will be my reflection about the role of technology in the transformation of education. Hope to “see” you soon!

Kelley Briceno, Tech Coach

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